Management Consulting

At Trikel, we believe management consulting should be a tool for all businesses, not just the ones with the largest checkbooks. The proper advicewill help clients maximize their performance, optimize their business models and increase the value of the business. Clients will reduce costs, maximize profits, run their businesses more efficiently, improve accountability, increase scalability, and accelerate their speed to market.

Management Consulting Services


TAM Analysis

Product & Company Competitive Positioning

Market Trend Analysis

Capital Structure

360 Degree Business Model Review

Funding Recommendations

Business Assessment

Business Valuation


Short & Long Range Budgeting

Variance Reporting & Analysis

Profit Maximization

Sales Optimization

Accounts Receivable / Invoice Collections

Cash Flow Analysis

Capital Budgeting


Supply Chain Optimization & Support

Logistical & Operational Support

IP Assessment Including Patents

Trademarks, Copyright, etc.

Expense Assessment & Reduction Techniques

Human Resources Strategy & Implementation

Employee Relations

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