Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

Too often great ideas are left untouched because the initial process of starting a new business is too daunting and too cumbersome for a single person to implement. Starting a new business can be a long, arduous process that saps creative energy. Trikel can take care of the initial stages of starting your business while you concentrate on the growing your idea into a full fledged, thriving business.

Where Do We Begin?

While you brainstorm about your exciting new business, Trikel will file the required paper work, establish the optimal banking structure, onboard the most efficient accounting, finance and operational packages and ensure that your business is ready to start when you are.

Business Plan Development

Many people believe business plans hold them back, but having a clear and concise business plan in whatever form is available, is critical for any small business owner. It allows owners to gain a better understanding of their respective end markets, competition, key strengths and weakness and customer base. It increases accountability and serves as a foundation for all strategic decision making both now and in the future.

Green Light! Now What?

Now that your business has the green light and is ready to open, it’s critical to have the proper infrastructure and personnel behind you. Small business owners spend the majority of the initial months or even years of their business focused on business development and sales generation. Having an advisor to assist in strategic planning and negotiations helps small business owners sling shot past the competition. Additionally, with sales being so critical in the initial stage of a business’ life, small business owners don’t have time to worry about the back office.

Starting a new business?

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