Strategic Planning

Often times proper strategic planning gets overlooked during day-to-day operations but it remains one of the most important attributes of a successful business. At Trikel, we use the strategic planning process to set priorities, strengthen operations, and assess the organization’s direction and value. We help guide clients to focus on not only where they are going but also the actions needed to get there and how to measure success at each milestone in their journey.

Strategic Planning Services


All strategic plans begin with the establishment of clear, concise and measurable objectives. These objectives serve as the foundation for the strategic planning process and are referred back to constantly throughout the process. Establishing accountability at each stage of the plan helps ensure mistakes can be corrected quickly and bottlenecks can be eliminated instantaneously.


As most business owners know, merely having a plan is never enough. Implementation of the plan is a key ingredient of any successful strategic planning process. Having the ability to set milestones and track against them throughout the process differentiates “dreamers” from “doers”. Having the right resources, process and team in place is critical at this stage.


Having a great plan and process means nothing if the company can’t effectively and objectively evaluate both success and failure at each junction. The ability to pivot quickly at different roadblocks during the process saves a company’s time, money and resources. Being nimble, creative and objective with proper and consistent evaluation throughout the entire process will guarantee the most cost effective and optimal outcome.

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